Welcome to Activate Your Money Magic Telesummit!

 Calling In ALL Women with BIG Vision! 

You’re a woman who’s up to BIG things. You’ve had enough of the struggle, self-sacrifice and personal compromise the old success paradigm demands.  You’re ready to reclaim your sanity and live life on YOUR terms!

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a woman on her career path, or want to be the best homemaker on the planet,there’s a new road to success that invites you to live, work and play in the flow of synchronicity.  It asks only that you BE who you truly are (not who you or others think you “should” be).


  • Are ready to Upsurge into your next level of success and prosperity
  • Crave expansion (You want more of life and all it has to offer!)  AND…
  • Want to make a profound difference (in the lives of the people you touch and in the world)

Simply put, you want to achieve wealth and success on YOUR terms, in a way that feels aligned (with what’s important to you), easy, invigorating, supportive AND fulfilling.

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Welcome to our Sisterhood. I'll be in touch with Empowering Practices, Tips & Enchantments to support you on Your Feminine Path to Success and Prosperity so you can Live a Truly Magical Life.


Unfortunately, for many women the path to success can feel like:

Overwhelm…Exhaustion…Hormonal Imbalance….Stress….Health Issues….Fatigue….and the list goes on.

This is the old paradigm of success.   It’s not sustainable.  It’s debilitating (to you and to the planet).  And it’s exhausting!   But it’s not the only way…

I’ve called together 29 women leading edge thought leaders and transformation experts (including me) to share the Feminine Path to Success and Prosperity.

We’ll epxlore the Feminine Principles and explore the Universal Laws that govern how money, experiences and opportunity show up in your life (AND what blocks them and what you can do to create an open channel to abundance!)

We’ve created hands on learning experiences, a Prosperity Personality Assessment to help you identify where you are in the Prosperity Matrix that offers personalized steps to help you to shift within it, and powerful gifts to support you on YOUR personal path to success.

It’s like nothing you’ve experienced before!  And it brings the wealth, impact, happiness, balance and success you desire in a way that feels supportive, aligned, balanced and fulfilling.

This is not just a summit.  It’s a movement.   Together we will change lives in a profoundly impactful and empowering way.

See you on the inside!



Paula Houlihan
Feminine Success Mentor
& Sparkle Enthusiast